Volume is key

The VZO is a volume-based oscillator that creates overbought and oversold readings based on price action and volume.

VZO indicator preview


Dynamic Colors

Dynamic coloring makes the VZO easy to understand.

Highlight Extremes

Highlights overbought and oversold situations.

Reversal Risk Arrows

Plots an arrow whenever the VZO is at risk of reversing.

Divergence Detection

Automatically detects regular and hidden divergences.

Threshold System

Get alerted whenever the VZO is spending an overextended time above or below a threshold.


Watch out for extremes chart

Watch out for extremes

Be cautious whenever the VZO is oscillating within the overbought or oversold range, a reversal could be imminent.

Keep an eye on the zero line chart

Keep an eye on the zero line

The zero line often acts as support or resistance. Some traders like to trade based of the VZO crossing the zero line.

Pay attention to Reversal Risk Arrows chart

Pay attention to Reversal Risk Arrows

Whenever the VZO is overbought or oversold and at risk of reversing a small arrow will appear.



You can configure and style VZO to your liking. Apply different shapes and colors to make it unique!

VZO indicator style configurationVZO indicator inputs configuration


Our detailed documentation will help you gain in-depth knowledge to truly master your tools!

VZO indicator documentation