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Vision is an advanced momentum oscillator that visualizes momentum strength with overbought and oversold readings.

Vision indicator preview


Momentum Waves

Visualize momentum strength with overbought and oversold readings.

Divergence Detection

Automatically detects divergences on the momentum waves.

Momentum Shifts Detection

Automatically detect lower highs and higher lows.


Helps you identify the current environment.


Allows you to further identify the trend strength and potential reversals.

Custom Strategy Builder

Build your own strategy and get alerted whenever your chosen conditions are met.


Use Moneyflow Curvature chart

Use Moneyflow Curvature

This is a prime example of the moneyflow showing clear curvature to the upside. Entering with confluence upon the bullish wave cross would have provided a great long entry.

Look out for Divergences chart

Look out for Divergences

Divergences are considered a strong leading indication which is why Vision has a built-in divergence detection.

Stochastics chart


Whenever the stochastics cross or align they mark a potential reversal point.

Pay attention to Wave Crosses chart

Pay attention to Wave Crosses

A momentum wave cross marks a potential momentum reversal. A bullish wave cross under oversold conditions leads to a big green dot which is a strong bullish indication.

Detect Momentum Shifts chart

Detect Momentum Shifts

The built-in momentum shift detection automatically detects lower highs (above zero) and higher lows (below zero) on the oscillator.

Momentum Waves chart

Momentum Waves

Be cautious whenever the momentum oscillator is overbought or oversold, a reversal could be imminent.



You can configure and style Vision to your liking. Apply different shapes and colors to make it unique!

Vision indicator style configurationVision indicator inputs configuration


Our detailed documentation will help you gain in-depth knowledge to truly master your tools!

Vision indicator documentation